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Address: Andriyivskyi uzviz, 1.
Office hours: from 12.00 am till 9.00 pm, from Monday to Saturday inclusive.
You may check in for a FREE first lesson. Further educational process organization is approved by contacting the phone number:
(063) 451-50-50 Taras

One of the main principles of our school is comprehensive personal development. This can be provided by the percussion instruments world which covers all styles and directions of the world musical art. Thus, everyone in our school has an opportunity either to develop in a certain direction relating to the choice of an instrument or a style, or use a unique possibility to capture the whole diversity spectrum of the percussion instruments.

Pop department

– Drum set lessons:

  • concept of positioning your hands and legs;
  • concept of the time perception;
  • exercises for coordination development and simultaneous perception of the correct cooperation between right and left, up and down with further explanation about its practical use;
  • snare drum technique basics:
    • singles – basic movement “whip” concept, understanding and feeling of the rebound as the sound production basics and, also, further opportunity to easily learn the strokes technique;
    • rudimental snare drum technique and its further use on a drum set;
    • strokes (tremolo and rebound, doubles, triples, flams).
  • timpani technique basics as a part of the whole drum set technique;
  • stylistic work – pop, jazz, latin, ethnic, gaining knowledge about arrangement specifics depending on the stylistic context;
  • solo performance and improvisation skills as the main part in developing creativity and systematic achievement of the student’s potential.

– Djembe lessons;

– Doumbek lessons.

Academic department

– Xylophone lessons;

– Snare drum lessons;

– Timpani lessons;

– Four-mallet marimba lessons.

Also, you may pass elementary music theory (sol-fa) and music literature courses under the supervision of highly qualified professionals.

Important information:

Students under the age of 18 may enter the school of music and get incomplete secondary music education certificate which gives an opportunity to enter the academy of music.

Taras Vyacheslavovych Melnychenko

Education – higher. Professional experience – 26 years.



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